Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor’s New Year (2022) Message to GCTU

Dear Colleagues and staff, on behalf of the Council of Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU) and Management, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to the University Campus for the 2021/2022 academic year. I hope you have been renewed and reenergized from the holidays. I trust that the encompassing spirit of hope and vitality which each New Year brings, will be channeled into a valuable resource for the development of our new University.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you all for the love and support you showed me on my appointment as the first Vice-Chancellor of Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU). With that love and support together with my vision and the grace of God, we will strive to transform GCTU into a world class university.

Although last year was a challenging one for many, we were able to chalk some successes which have laid a strong foundation for the future. I wish to thank each and every one of you for your individual contributions towards these achievements. Notable among them are: development of the new GCTU Statutes, recruitment of staff, infrastructural projects, deployment of the blended learning for students and development of new academic programs. We also started the process to develop a new strategic plan and other policies for the University and I am hopeful that these would be completed within the first quarter of this year.

I am also happy to inform you that our agenda towards faculty and staff development is still ongoing and I wish to encourage all members who are currently enrolled in terminal degree programmes to give off their best, complete in time and

come back to support the University to achieve our vision. This year, we shall begin conversations with government, private organizations and international universities to attract more opportunities for faculty and staff development. I also urge Faculty and staff members to look within and outside the country for similar opportunities that tie in with our goal for their development.

The greatness of this University has only just begun. With the strong foundation laid, GCTU is positioned for greatness and the good news is that there is room for everyone who is interested to grow with us. I am therefore inviting you to be a part of this growth so that we can together transform Ghana Communication Technology University into that world class institution we envision it to be. I promise you that there will be numerous opportunities for growth and development for everyone who is ready to commit to hard work.

Let our renewed strengths and revitalized energies for the year spur us on to achieve our goals and objectives for the year 2022. We have an exciting year ahead and I look forward to sharing my goals and objectives for the year with you at the upcoming annual breakfast meeting scheduled for this month of January.

Once again, you are warmly welcome back from the break. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Thank you.

Professor Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa.